More than Two Players

Moving Target can be played with more than two players. There will be only one setter per round, and the order of players is determined based upon the original throw at bullseye.

Three-player game example

To determine the order of players, each player throws one dart at bullseye. Player A is the closest, Player B is in the middle, and Player C is furthest. Player C is the setter for the first round and throws two darts to set the target. Player A takes his/her turn as scorer, then Player B takes his/her turn as scorer, and then the first round is over. Player B is the setter for the second round, and Player A is the setter for the third round.

In a three or more player game the order the scorers throw their darts is not important. In each round all scorers will have an opportunity to throw their darts. If after any round more than one player has 21 points, then those players enter a one-dart playoff. In the playoff the players must throw their dart and attempt to strike the board closest to bullseye.